Canadian Pump & Compressor and WesternOne Rentals & Sales were among the rental companies that sprang into action in response to the massive flooding in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and surrounding areas that forced more than 75,000 Calgary residents and hundreds of businesses to evacuate.

Canadian Pump & Compressor, an affiliate of National Pump & Compressor in the United States, is working with the city of Calgary to dewater the city and attempt to save homes and businesses from further damage. CPC has pooled its resources and equipment from all of its branches to work in Calgary. Hundreds of diesel-driven Pioneer Pumps, Tsurumi sump pumps and Subaru water pumps have been set up all over the city to begin dewatering. CPC is working around the clock in large sites such as Calgary’s Saddledome to private homes.

“I was born and raised in Calgary and I’ve never seen anything like this,” said CPC president Owen Myhre. “We are doing everything we can to help the people of Calgary recover their homes and businesses. Our guys are doing an incredible job working nonstop, basically doing whatever it takes.”

WesternOne Rentals & Sales is sending heaters, generators and fans from its British Columbia branches to its locations in Southern Alberta to assist with clean-up of the flooding in Calgary and surrounding areas.