SecureSheet Technologies, a provider of multi-user online spreadsheet and web database solutions for businesses, said this week that Kirby-Smith Machinery is using the company’s services to deliver up-to-the-middle inventory data to its sales force in the field via smartphones.

“SecureSheet has been a tremendous help in allowing us to improve our inventory visibility to field sales personnel and yet at the same time securely lock down sensitive data,” said Bryce Puckett, Kirby-Smith Machinery rental manager. “Prior to SecureSheet, our old process was to maintain this data in an excel database and distribute it manually on a daily email. Information wasn’t hidden in this format. Additionally, we would frequently have to recover the file because of errors in the sheets and, because this data resided in our secure network, none of it was accessible from outside of our firewall with smartphones.

“We maintain all our pricing and customer name information within the sheets. Millions of dollars a month are represented there. We trust SecureSheet to keep our information safe and secure. Even though we maintain this sensitive information in the sheet, SecureSheet allows us to pick and choose what information our field reps can see. Additionally, SecureSheet is able to audit changes to the sheet. Since we have multiple users updating the system at the same time, having an accurate audit trail is a key factor that allows us to maintain a history of changes.”

Based in Oklahoma City, Kirby-Smith Machinery has nine branches in Oklahoma and Texas and is No. 39 on the RER 100.