Every rental store owner knows that preventive maintenance can save money. This is especially true with compressors. Here are tips to help increase the productivity of your compressors:

  • Check oil and fluid levels daily.

  • Change compressor oil/fluids every 500 hours on small machines (up to 600 cubic feet per minute), 1,000 hours on large machines (750 cfm and above).

  • Change air filters after 500 hours of use.

  • Replace the separator element after 1,000 hours of operation, 2,000 hours on large machines. The separator is important because it prevents excessive oil use.

  • All hoses should be checked regularly and replaced if they appear worn, cracked or damaged.

  • Overhaul or exchange the airend between 8,000 and 10,000 hours. This usually depends on how effectively the machine has been maintained.

  • Clean the fuel tank annually.

  • Make sure the heat exchangers are clean to reduce operating temperature.

  • Check fasteners and ensure they are tightly secured.

  • Test the safety shutdown system monthly. This will ensure machine protection against high temperatures and low engine oil pressure.

Number of running hours 500 1,000 8,000
Change airend filter n
Check oil/other liquids n
Replace separator n
Inspect hoses n
Overhaul airend n
Information provided by Ingersoll-Rand Portable Power Division, Mocksville, N.C.