Expertise Contracting Co., one of Saudi Arabia’s leading industrial service providers, took delivery of 37 Genie self-propelled telescopic boomlifts. Comprised of a mix of Genie S-65 and Genie S-85 boomlifts offering maximum working heights from 20 to 27.9 meters (66 to 91.5 feet) the delivery included the first two Genie XC SX-135 boom lifts in the country. Expertise plans to invest in more Genie XC machines by the end of the year.

Expertise now has an aerial access fleet of 85 Genie units. The 37 machines have been under high demand from customer operating in a broad field of sectors in the region including Saudi Arabia Basic Industries Corp. one of the country’s largest employers specializing in the manufacture of fertilizers, chemicals, polymers and metals.

The Genie SX-135 XC boomlifts offer from 660 pounds to 1,000 pounds lift capacity and can raise up to three people and more tools and materials, reducing the number of up and down trips. Adding an extra 10 feet plus 125 degrees of jib articulation to the unit’s 141-feet working height and 90 feet outreach, the telescopic Genie Jib Extend is a unique feature for high precision access to hard-to-reach places.

All units within this new delivery came equipped with the factory-installed Genie Lift Guard Contact Alarm, a secondary operator protective system. For Expertise, this standard feature means the machines comply with the state oil-and-gas company’s safety regulations as part of which the installation of secondary operator protection is mandatory.

“For the first time in Saudi Arabia, thanks to our new Genie SX-135 XC boom lifts, Expertise now offers customers the ability to do more and work faster and more easily using a single machine,” said Mohammed Ashraf, director of industrial supplies for Expertise. “Feedback from SABIC has been great. They are more than satisfied by the machines’ capabilities that have proved a perfect fit for the maintenance of their sites. As far as we are concerned, the Genie SX-135 XC boom is a great investment. In fact so much so that we’re already considering acquiring several more Genie Xtra Capacity units before the end of the year.”