Spider has expanded its range of customizable, code-compliant netting solutions, including personnel safety nets, debris containment systems and work access nets, to maximize safety for work at height.

“The launch of our new, expanded netting options epitomizes our commitment to meeting our customers’ needs,” said Clint Ramberg, director of Spider’s Systems Group. “We pride ourselves on product innovation based on ‘voice of the customer’ demand.”

Expanding its product offering to include a full line of netting solutions allows Spider to meet growing customer requirements for increased safety on jobsites, and provides for a ‘one-stop shop’ for a full range of access and safety solutions.

“With more netting solutions in our product lineup, there is no longer need for customers to source nets elsewhere,” added Ramberg. “Spider is equipped to deliver a variety of access and safety solution.”

Spider has three unique safety netting systems to provide critical protection for workers and the surrounding environment:

The Spider Sentry Perimeter Netting (pictured) provides perimeter fall protection for workers as well as debris containment for the environment below. Customizable panel configurations and various hardware mounting options ensure the Spider Sentry system can be engineered for virtually any structure or application.

Spider ContaiNet wraps around the debris source to prevent materials from becoming hazardous falling objects. Or when installed within four feet below a walking or working surface, ContaiNet also provides OSHA-compliant fall prevention. Customizable with various strength ratings, liners and colors, each ContaiNet solution is fabricated to the exact job requirements for maximum safety and reliability.

Spider WorkWeb utilizes an engineered net and tension strap design to provide a unique and versatile work access solution at height, especially in locations where lifts and scaffolds are difficult to deploy. Predictable and easily navigable, the knotless construction of the WorkWeb netting improves the crew’s mobility and productivity while keeping them safe and secure.

For more than seven decades, Spider has put contractors to work at elevated jobsites, including building facades, bridges, highway overpasses, stadiums and more. The company is owned by BrandSafway.