Rice Hydro introduces the company's new gas or pneumatic hydraulic shoring pressure pumps. The unit is capable of pressures up to 2,000 psi with bypass relief, and is powered by a Honda engine with built-in oil alert. Lightweight and easy to maneuver, the ST-312 is a compact vertical design that features no-flat solid polyurethane tires and a 20-gallon tank reservoir for biodegradeable anti-freeze.

The unit is ergonomically designed with the gauge, valve and handles all positioned for ease of operator use from an upright standing position. The hydraulic shoring pressure pumps are constructed with powder-coated heavy-duty gauge-welded steel, and a built-in welded eye-hook to quickly transport around jobsite and trenching locations.

“The overall design and power-driven capability are what make the ST-312 unique,” says Lisa McNee, sales manager for Rice Hydro. “The upright ergonomic design is intended for reduced user stress and fatigue. We also offer a pneumatic-driven power source of which we found no other unit capable in the market.”
Verified by Lisa McNee, sales manager for Rice Hydro.
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Vital Stats

Fuel tank: 20 gallons

Pressures: up to 2,000 psi