The T30 Super Quiet generator from Terex comes standard with 110 percent spill containment, user-friendly controls and a fuel tank sized for 24 hours of continuous operation. Powered by a Tier-4 compliant 37.7-hp Kubota diesel engine, the T30 is designed to deliver consistent power to construction jobsites.

The generator provides 23kW of prime three-phase power. Operators have the flexibility to use three-phase power, single-phase power or both simultaneously as the situation demands. The distribution panel aboard the T30 includes an intuitive wiring instruction label, 5-lug distribution board and optional cam lock-style connectors.

“The T30 has analog gauges that help operators easily monitor all electrical loads and engine functions instead of an LCD screen or complicated menu to scroll through, making it ideal for the rental market,” says David Spears, product manager for Terex Power Products. “Additionally, large engine bay doors and a removable rear panel allow operators to quickly access the generator and electrical components for service and maintenance.”

As with all of the generators in the Super Quiet line, the T30 is built with quiet operation in mind and is rated at 65 decibels at 23 feet when carrying a prime load. A 64-gallon fuel tank provides more than 24 hours of continuous operation.
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Verified by David Spears, product manager for Terex Power Products.

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Vital Stats

Fuel tank: 64 gallons

Engine power: 37.7 hp

Quiet operation: 65 decibels