Surprisingly Strong Buying Marks Las Vegas Rental Show

The Rental Show was a strong buying show, to the pleasant surprise of the overwhelming majority of vendors. While most exhibitors expected an improvement compared with the past two years, when attendance was down and buying was weak, most were pleasantly surprised by the level of buying and positive attitudes expressed by most attendees. Although occasional lulls occurred as is normal, for the most part the booths were active with visitors and a solid buzz was palpable.

“We sold more equipment in the first two hours than in the full three days last year,” said one vendor.

“We started talking with customers from the minute the show opened, and when I looked at the clock to see if it was time to go to lunch, it was three o'clock,” said Tom Bell of Haulotte.

“We've been busy non-stop,” said David Silverman of General Wire Spring. “Last year people stopped in but they were simply inquiring about what they might want to buy when the business atmosphere improved. This year they were ready to buy and replenish their fleets.”

Most rental companies RER spoke to said business was improving, although not necessarily robust. For the most part rental companies expressed confidence that business would be better in 2011 than the past two years, although companies from some pockets, such as Florida, lacked that optimism.

The next Rental Show will be held February 5-8, 2012 in New Orleans.
Michael Roth

Costs of Raw Materials a Concern, Genie's Ford Says

The rising costs of raw materials, such as copper, rubber and steel could elevate the costs of aerial work platforms and other projects in the coming year, Tim Ford, president of the aerial division of Terex Corp. said at the Rental Show this month. While the company had much improved results in 2010 and expects a significant sales increase in 2011, the rising costs of materials could cause equipment prices to rise in the foreseeable future.

“As volume grows, we're going to have to deal with issues related to the costs of these materials,” Ford told RER. “It's going to be a growing concern for the industry. The cost of manufacturing, the ability to get materials and at reasonable prices is something we're going to have to deal with sooner rather than later.”

Ford said that Genie and other manufacturers would try to avoid raising equipment prices, but that it may be hard to avoid passing along those rising costs.

Unlike some other manufacturers that expressed concern that turmoil in the Middle East could affect the European economy and cause oil costs to rise significantly, Ford said that oil prices were a secondary concern in comparison to the cost of materials.

Ford said the Terex aerial division enjoyed solid sales at the ARA show and that the market for aerial equipment is improving, with sales solid to large and small rental companies alike.

Genie, the Terex aerial division, is based in Redmond, Wash.
Michael Roth

Industry Organizations Publish AWP Personal Fall Protection Safety Document

The American Rental Association, the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, the Associated Equipment Distributors, the International Powered Access Federation and the Scaffold Industry Association have again joined forces to develop a new educational document that focuses on personal fall protection for users of aerial work platform equipment. The Statement of Best Practices of Personal Fall Protection Systems for Aerial Work Platform Equipment document was released by the participating organizations this month during The Rental Show.

A previous document, Statement of Best Practices of General Training and Familiarization for Aerial Work Platform Equipment, was introduced to the industry in February last year.

The participating organizations recognized a need to address the proper use and regulatory compliance of AWP personal fall protection and created a common resource to educate users on best practices of the safe use of PFP equipment. The use of PFP is a component of AWP training and has legal requirements in the United States. Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations and American National Standards Institute standards both address fall protection when using AWP equipment.

The objectives of this best practice document are intended to:

  • Educate the industry on applicable OSHA regulations and the industry-recognized and supported ANSI standards.
  • Provide information to assist users and operators during their selection process to identify the most appropriate personal fall protection system for their job functions while operating AWP equipment.
  • Inform the user and operator how to recognize and guard against the potential fall hazards associated with the use of AWP equipment.
  • Encourage the incorporation of best practices for personal fall protection with AWP equipment into a company's fall protection plans.

The new document is available as a free download from each participating organizations' website.
Brandey Smith

Allmand Introduces Next Generation Night-Lite PRO II Light Tower

Allmand Bros. unveiled the Night-Lite PRO II light tower in Las Vegas at The Rental Show. The latest addition to its line of Night-Lite PRO light towers, the new model is available in both V-Series (vertical only) and traditional “lay down” tower models, and offers a number of updated features to enhance operation and serviceability.

Perhaps the most obvious change is the molded poly gull-wing-style doors, which are impact-resistant and rust-proof, and also offer full access to all major service components in the enclosure.

The newly designed plug-in light ballast assemblies are fully accessible with the doors open and may be easily removed for service. The ballasts feature replaceable components that can significantly reduce repair costs when compared to one-piece “potted” ballasts.

A new four-point stabilizer system provides stability in adverse weather conditions. The stabilizer system features two sliding side outriggers with swivel screw jacks, as well as swivel screw jacks on the trailer drawbar and the rear of the enclosure. When the stabilizers are properly deployed, the PRO II can withstand wind gusts up to 65 mph. Captive lock pins hold the outriggers in place in the extended or stowed positions and eliminate the possibility of lost or dangling pins.

Also new in the PRO II is the self-locking spring-loaded tower latch on the “lay-down” models. This latch automatically locks the tower in the upright position.

Allmand Night-Lite PRO II V-Series light towers feature a hydraulically actuated vertical-only tower that can be fully raised or lowered in 20 seconds with just one switch. With the lights contained within the footprint of the trailer, less space is required for storage or shipping and the potential for damage caused by lights hanging over the rear of the trailer is eliminated, the company said.

All domestic Night-Lite PRO II models feature Allmand's SHO-HD lighting system, which produces as much as 50-percent more light than competitive towers. Four, 1,250-watt metal halide lamps provide a total of 600,000 lumens of bright, white light that more closely approximates daylight for a safer, more productive work environment. An optional Saf-T-Visor set can be added to reflect previously wasted light directly onto the worksite.

A 1,800-rpm, liquid-cooled Kohler, Kubota or CAT diesel engine powers the unit, which also features a glow plug cold-start aid and an automatic shutdown for low oil pressure and high coolant temperature. A 30-gallon polyethylene fuel tank provides up to 60 hours of continuous operation.

Allmand Bros., Holdrege, Neb., is a manufacturer of portable light towers, compact tractor loader backhoes, Port-A-Lite light stands, solar arrow boards and jobsite heaters.
Brandey Smith

Solutions By Computer Launches Enfinity 3.0 With Enhanced Capabilities

Solutions by Computer unveiled the latest Enfinity for Windows software for the rental industry at The Rental Show. The enhancements are available to Enfinity system owners and SaaS subscribers, the company said.

New capabilities of the Enfinity 3.0 system include:

  • Pull for delivery: When large orders are staged for delivery, Enfinity produces notification of last-minute order changes that happen after pulling begins, to ensure that complex orders are staged accurately;

  • Assemblies: This special kit is designed to bundle rental items that are often combined into a single rentable unit, but may also be rented separately. An example is a “generator six-pack” where six generators are rented together as one item, but need to be tracked individually for maintenance purposes.

  • Physical inventory-taking: Enfinity allows for physical inventory to be taken while the rental center is open for business, reducing after-hours labor costs and solves the unique challenge of counting rental inventory in flux. The system automatically adjusts counts as transactions occur without disrupting the flow of customer service operation.

  • Operational enhancements: New capabilities expand efficiencies related to e-mailed documents, transaction printing, reservation-stage revenues, on-screen shortcuts and more.

Solutions By Computer is based in Springfield, Mass.

Haulotte Group Introduces 33-Foot Compact Electric Boom

Haulotte Group launched two new lifts at The Rental Show in Las Vegas this month. The new compact electric articulating booms are designed to meet all working requirements at a 33-foot platform height in tight spaces. The narrow and compact features of this machine are designed for working on industrial projects, maintenance and repairs.

With a stowed height of 6 feet, 7 inches, the HA33CJ and HA33CJ+ models offer maneuverability and can pass through standard doorways. Both boomlifts feature a width of 3 feet, 11 inches and an outside turning radius of 10 feet, 6 inches, to facilitate access.

The technology of the HA33CJ and HA33CJ+ is designed to allow for three simultaneous and proportional movements. The operator is able to drive and steer at the same time plus either rotate the turntable, move the jib, or rotate the platform. On the HA33CJ+ the operator also has the option of rotating the jib as one of the three movements. All these movements are also progressive, which gives the operator precise control over the movements of the machine and an ergonomic control box increases the ease of operation.

High autonomy allows for long work cycles and the electric transmission system requires less energy than a standard transmission to operate. There are charge light indicators on both control panels and the battery box has a straightforward design for quick and easy maintenance.
Brandey Smith

Little Beaver Features New UN-Towable Drill at The Rental Show

Little Beaver featured its new HYD-NTV11H UN-Towable Drill this month at The Rental Show in Las Vegas. Incorporating heavy-duty construction, the unit offers the rental market a more economical option, without sacrificing the power, efficiency, and reliability of similar towable units. Safe and productive for one-man hole digging projects, the drill is designed for numerous industries including landscaping, fence and sign installation, and park and recreation departments.

Unlike similar units that only offer a 9-hp engine, the NTV11H is built with an 11-hp Honda GX340V engine, resulting in a 10-percent increased power advantage over competitive models, the company said. Hydraulic pressure of 2,500-psi and an operating speed of 150 rpm further enhance power output.

Equipped with 16-inch semi-pneumatic tires, the NTV11H is designed to easily move across jobsites and pivot into digging position without causing damage to delicate lawns and turf. The unit's maneuverability allows it to operate in places that are inaccessible to skid steers and tractors.

To ease loading and unloading, the NTV11H features lightweight construction and a removable power pack. By detaching the power pack, the overall weight is reduced by 50 percent, allowing the machine to be transported in two parts. Unlike most drills of similar power and size that must be towed behind a truck or loaded onto a trailer, the NTV11H can be moved to the jobsite in the back of a pickup truck or SUV. Quick-disconnect fittings also allow the operator to connect the power source to other types of hydraulic accessories including post drivers and hydraulic tampers.

The balanced and torque-free design of the NTV11H is designed to enhance operator safety and convenience. An integrated forward and reverse auger rotation component protects the user if the auger gets caught under an obstruction, such as a rock or tree root. For added safety, a built-in pressure-relief valve is also incorporated. When the drill reaches a certain hydraulic pressure the valve releases and the auger stops, protecting the operator from potential injury.

Constructed of sturdy steel with a durable powder-coated finish, the NTV11H drill is built for extended service life. Heavy-duty construction and an advanced hydraulic system also help to reduce maintenance and eliminate repair hassles.

To increase product versatility, three styles of auger cutting tips are available. The standard tip can be used for drilling in typical ground conditions, including sandy soils and softer clay. For tougher jobs, a carbide tip is available and useful for solid materials such as hard clays and asphalt. Both augers are offered in 1 ½-inch to 18-inch sizes. A heavy-duty tip is suited for harder soils that are mixed with gravel or small rocks, and is available in 7 sizes ranging from 6 to 16 inches. All three augers feature a convenient spring-loaded snap button that secures the auger to the drill head, eliminating the need for pins or bolts. The units are compatible with any Little Beaver auger, and will also accept adaptors that can be used to attach various competitive augers.

Headquartered in Livingston, Texas, Little Beaver manufactures drilling equipment and a complete offering of accessories, including augers, extensions, points and blades.
Brandey Smith

General Equipment Introduces CTS12 for Floor-Covering Removal Projects

General Equipment Co. introduced the latest model in its Rip-R-Stripper line of floor-covering removal units at The Rental Show. The CTS12 Rip-R-Stripper is specially designed to remove ceramic tile, hardwood flooring and other tough floor coverings. It is engineered to help rental operators make more revenue from the electric-powered breakers in their inventories.

The CTS12 acts as a tool carrier for electric-powered breakers with ratings between 30 and 45 foot-pounds of force. This includes popular models of Hilti, Bosch, Makita and Hitachi breakers. The CTS12 provides a direct-impulse force, which supplies adequate power to break through the high bond strengths of today's mastics, glues and thin-set materials.

Designed to enhance maneuverability, control and visibility, the CTS12's configuration allows users to operate electric-powered breakers in an upright position, helping to increase productivity while reducing strain on operators' knees and lower backs. The handle is also adjustable to enhance operator comfort, and it is rubber-insulated to reduce vibration. The handle also folds for storage and transportation purposes.

Breakers mount quickly to the CTS12, and blow force angles can be easily adjusted to accommodate varying material types and bond strengths. The unit operates from a standard 115VAC, 15-amp power source.

General Equipment Co. also offers a range of industry-standard, 1-1/8-inch-hexagon-by-6-inch shank accessory tools, including chisels and scraper blades for handling a variety of floor-covering removal applications.

Other equipment in the Rip-R-Stripper line includes General Equipment Company's FCS5, FCS10 and FCS16 models for removing carpet, ceramic tile, linoleum and mastics.

General Equipment Co. is a family-owned manufacturer of earth augers, ventilation blowers, asphalt cutters and surface preparation equipment based in Owatonna, Minn.
Brandey Smith

Multiquip Showcases VIPER PRO Trench Roller Series at The Rental Show

Carson, Calif.-based Multiquip showcased its VIPER PRO Trench Roller Series at The Rental Show this month at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

Multiquip's VIPER PRO trench roller was completely re-engineered to offer patented compaction technology in which an exciter system supplies equal amplitude to all four drums. The patented Z-frame design has overlapping drums that leave no spaces un-compacted as the roller passes over the soil. In addition, the VIPER PRO trench roller offers an oscillating articulation joint that requires zero maintenance.

The unit is controlled by a solar-powered infrared remote that requires no overnight charging. All moving functions are controlled through the remote's joystick, and an integrated high- and low-vibration button can be activated from this hand-held device. The remote control also features start/stop and speed selection buttons. Standard Vipers are controlled by a lightweight, waterproof tethered control pad with easy-to-use touch pad control sensors for start/stop, direction, vibration and speed. The product's coiled tethered cord expands to 15 feet.

Multiquip is a diversified manufacturer and supplier of light to medium construction equipment, power generators and lighting for the construction, telecom, government, non-commercial, entertainment, and oil and gas exploration markets.
Brandey Smith

Equipment Synergy International Makes Debut at World of Concrete

Equipment Synergy International, a new company founded by former Multiquip president Roger Euliss and former Multiquip executives Stephen Spence and Poonam Kapila, displayed equipment for the first time at the World of Concrete in January in Las Vegas. The company displayed its walk-behind power trowels, gasoline- and diesel-powered rammers and vibratory plate compactors.

The equipment is being manufactured especially for ESI-USA by the company's Singapore-based partners. The machines were well received by show attendees, ESI staff said. ESI also exhibited sucessfully at The Rental Show.

“We are very pleased with the performance and acceptance of our machines,” said Roger Euliss, president of ESI. “Our equipment is built to the U.S. and European standards and is ready for the domestic as well as international market. We will be adding more products at the ARA show and during the course of the year.”
Michael Roth

Billy Goat Offers New Self-Propelled Overseeder to Rental

Billy Goat's new self-propelled hydrostatic-drive overseeder was on display at The Rental Show. The new model is designed to reduce fatigue associated with pushing and features intuitive forward and reverse operator controls.

The unit is 22 inches wide and features an exclusive 11-blade slicing reel that floats along contours of yards increasing seed to soil contact and improving germination rates. The unit comes standard with a 30-pound seed box that is elevated above the turf to eliminate any clogging that may occur from moisture.

Billy Goat's exclusive Auto Drop system automatically starts and stops seed drop with reel engagement and disengagement conserving seed and preventing “end of run” seed piling. Infinite depth adjustment of the slicer blades promotes longer blade life versus presets, and seed settings are located on board for operator convenience.
Brandey Smith

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