Michael Roth

Editor, Penton Media

Michael Roth has covered the equipment rental industry full time for RER since 1989 and has served as the magazine’s editor in chief since 1994. He has nearly 30 years experience as a professional journalist. Roth has visited hundreds of rental centers and industry manufacturers, written hundreds of feature stories for RER and thousands of news stories for the magazine and its electronic newsletter RER Reports. Roth has interviewed leading executives for most of the industry’s largest rental companies and manufacturers as well as hundreds of smaller independent companies. He has visited with and reported on rental companies and manufacturers in Europe, Central America and Asia as well as Mexico, Canada and the United States. Roth was co-founder of RER Reports, the industry’s first weekly newsletter, which began as a fax newsletter in 1996, and later became an online newsletter. Roth has spoken at conventions sponsored by the American Rental Association, Associated Equipment Distributors, California Rental Association and other industry events and has spoken before industry groups in several countries. He lives and works in Los Angeles when he’s not traveling to cover industry events.

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in Rent Talk May 11, 2018

The Urgent Mindset of Rental 

In a dealership, a purchaser might be fine with delivery in a week or maybe three months depending on equipment lead times. But ordering a unit for a....More
in Rent Talk Mar 01, 2018

On Trade Wars and Virtual Reality

Trump stated that trade wars are a good thing and easily won, ignoring the casualties of such a conflict. I was not an economics major but I don’t....More
in Rent Talk Feb 07, 2018

Playing the Devil's Advocate 

Sometimes downturns are predictable; sometimes we don’t know what hit us until it does and all that iron is in the yard with payments due and no....More
in Rent Talk Jan 01, 2018

Business Plans and Problem Solving 

Business planning is easier said than done and not all business owners are really good at it....More
in Rent Talk Dec 01, 2017

Setting the Stage for Unique Innovations 

I hope you all check out our gallery of this year’s Innovative Product Award, which has very exciting new products....More
in Rent Talk Nov 01, 2017

The Value of Contingency Planning

Rental company contingency plans are really a kind of hurricane insurance....More
in Rent Talk Oct 22, 2017

The Next Frontier in Rental Software 

In this month’s cover story we tried to give you a feel for how rental industry software is covering virtually every aspect of a rental....More
in Rent Talk Sep 15, 2017

Rentals in the Hurricane Season 

Hurricane season has come, and rather dramatically this year....More
in Rent Talk Aug 16, 2017

Why Cooper Works and Here Come the Buyers 

I hope you enjoy this month’s story about Cooper Equipment Rentals. I think you’ll find the story of their dramatic growth to be extremely....More
in Rent Talk Jul 01, 2017

It’s All in How You Use It 

Software in the rental industry has come a very long way in the past 15, 20 years. For that matter, it’s come a long way in the past five, even the....More
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