Dick Schalekamp, longtime leader, shareholder and board member of Riwal Holding Group, will be leaving the company, one of the world’s largest JLG dealers and international aerial rental specialists. Schalekamp, who joined the company in 1986 and took over leadership from his father shortly after, is withdrawing from the aerial industry to concentrate on further developing his private investment portfolio.

Schalekamp’s shares will be taken over by ProDelta, the other current Riwal shareholder.

“For the past 25 years, Dick Schalekamp has lead Riwal to become one of the international market leaders in the access industry,” said Norty Turner, Riwal CEO. “His entrepreneurial spirit and creativity in building our company have resulted in a rental and sales organization with over 900 employees dedicated to the commercial operation of 13,000 aerial work platforms in 16 countries across three continents.”

Riwal has grown dramatically during the years of Schalekamp’s leadership. It has expanded to diverse geographic areas based on where it has contacts and business opportunities rather than following what country comes next on the map. The company has operations in The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, the U.K., Sweden, Norway, France, Spain, Slovenia, Croatia, Kazakhstan, India, Poland and Brazil, with joint ventures in several other European countries.

Based in Dordrecht, The Netherlands, Riwal has more than 13,000 aerial units in its fleet.

To learn more about Riwal and Schalekamp’s legacy and contributions, please go to: http://rermag.com/business_technology/international_rental_business/equipment_lifts_world/index5.html