Terex Woodsman recently attended a Terex Aerial Work Platforms-hosted event to present and demonstrate the Terex Woodsman product offering and equipment to rental companies.

Barry DeLau, global sales & marketing director and Danny Thiros, regional sales manager, gave an overview of the Terex Woodsman product portfolio and demonstrated at the ‘Partners in Performance’ 2012 Meeting at the LaCosta Resort, in Carlsbad, Calif., May 7-10.

The annual two-day event is hosted by Terex AWP and this year was attended by one of its major rental store equipment providers. The event showcased the many new products available to them via allied vendors or other Terex-owned companies such as Terex Woodsman.

“This was a great opportunity for us to interact with rental houses, discuss the Terex Woodsman product offering and show the capabilities of the brush chipper product range available to the rental market,” said Danny Thiros, regional sales manager for Terex Woodsman.

For more information on Terex Woodsman products, visit www.terexwoodsman.com.