Light Towers USA, a major Terex customer, has extended emergency production services and distribution coordination for critical lighting and backup power in support of the victims of Hurricane Sandy, the company said. Maintaining one of the largest Terex light tower fleets for disaster readiness in the country, Light Towers USA was able to provide almost immediate access to technical and logistics support, mobilizing emergency lighting overnight in support of dozens of communities and major population areas along the Eastern seaboard.

In coordination with the New York Office of Emergency Management, NYPD officers, first response teams and local program coordinators spanning five states, the rapid deployment program mobilized lighting and power equipment within 24 hours to more than 60 relief areas. Critical missions included near-instant support for medical trailers, mobile command centers, temporary housing trailers, refrigeration and heating units, gas station lighting, power station recovery, first responder flood relief, traffic guidance, debris removal and phone line restoration.

A division of power generator sales group Turnkey Electric LLC, lighting specialist Light Towers USA operates as a national distributor of light towers and portable power equipment. Its disaster readiness program, which includes equipment availability and logistics support, also offers educational programs and ongoing technical guidance to more than 2,000 communities and local government coordinators since 2009. LTUSA’s marketing and product support staff manages awareness campaigns and hosts training seminars to improve first responder knowledge and experience with portable lighting solutions nationwide.

“In support of our disaster response program, the team at Terex has gone beyond any normal expectations for their contributions to Hurricane Sandy victims,” said Robert Davis, emergency program coordinator for Light Towers USA. “They have donated factory time, production staff, logistics coordinators, even free fuel donations for equipment sent to deployment areas where fuel was scarce.”

Terex light towers are manufactured in Rock Hill, S.C. The facility is capable of providing increased production, equipment storage and logistics coordination to support its customers and aid in disaster relief efforts.

“If you can’t see in the dark, you can’t mobilize recovery operations quickly or safely in any environment,” said Chad Hislop, light tower product manager for Terex AWP. “Light towers are commonly used in disaster-relief operations to provide temporary light and power to distressed areas. Most light towers provide not only lighting but also power to run tools and electrical appliances.”

Light Towers USA, a division of Turnkey Electric LLC, is based in Andover, Mass.