Lifting Gear Hire Corp. was selected to participate in an episode of the Today in America television show. The show portrays the era of changing economic times, while combining business news stories, lifestyle features and interviews across various industries. The episode is titled “Innovations in Material Handling to Meet Today’s Industry Challenges,” and will air in 15 cities during the summer of 2012.

A portion of the episode explores how industry leaders are turning to rental equipment for a guarantee of safety and reliability.

“Safety and the reliability of equipment is a priority here at LGH,” said Thomas Beasley, business support manager at Lifting Gear Hire. “To ensure we are providing the highest quality of equipment to our rental customers, each piece of equipment is tested and certified to ANSI standards before it is taken out by a customer.”

Today in America stars former pro football star Terry Bradshaw and airs on various cable channels.

Founded in 1990, Lifting Gear Hire Corp. provides lifting and hoisting, pulling, jacking, rigging, material handling and safety equipment for sale and rent. Based in Bridgeview, Ill., LGHC is No. 55 on the RER 100.