The International Powered Access Federation, along with the Crane Certification Association of America and the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators, will participate in a Lift Safety Zone in the Silver Lot at ConExpo in March 2011. The companies will offer expert advice on safe operation with the help of live machine demonstrations and simulator technology. IPAF will use dynamic demonstrations to show how to assess ground conditions and take appropriate safety measures when using aerials.

“Safety is our priority and should be the priority of all those operating and managing AWPs,” said Tony Groat, executive vice president of Aerial Work Platform Training, the North American subsidiary of IPAF. “One of the potential hazards associated with AWPs is tipovers and inadequate ground support is one of the causes. We want to raise awareness of the weight imposed by AWPs that must be addressed to ensure adequate ground support.”

The IPAF demonstration will cover the theme of “How much does the lift weigh? Is your machine on solid ground?” The presentation will show how the ground pressure varies when the lift is in different positions and highlight what can be done to provide appropriate ground support.