Fred Hageman, formerly of Hageman, Stansberry and Associates, has formed a new professional mergers and acquisition corporation called Rental Acquisitions LLC. The new company will focus primarily on representing closely held construction equipment rental companies, as well as high-end, select party/special event rental companies as well.

Hageman, who began his career in the equipment industry in the manufacturing sector, added that he also intends to work with construction equipment manufacturers in some capacity, including m&a.

Hageman told RER that Rental Acquisitions LLC is not affiliated with HS&A or his former business partner Gary Stansberry, with whom he parted on an amicable friendly basis.

“We had a good run and now are going in a different direction,” Hageman said. “We are still good friends.” Hageman added that he didn’t rule out collaborating with Stansberry on future projects.

Joining Rental Acquisitions LLC as a partner is Hageman’s wife Sheri, who grew up around the equipment rental industry. Sheri Hageman holds a degree from the University of Colorado, and is the daughter of industry veteran Fred Unsworth.

“Sheri has even more years in the industry than I do, which is at 24 and counting,” Hageman said. “I met her when I worked with her dad at Amida (now a division of Terex) and she is as bright as they come. She is now back in the workforce after very successful ventures and it’s a new chapter for us. We look forward to continuing working together. She was instrumental in the success of my previous firm, HS&A and already is making an impact on our new firm.”

Rental Acquisitions is based in Cameron Park, Calif. Information can be found at