Clean Harbors, a North American provider of environmental, energy and industrial services, this week introduced its Emergency Response Package Rental Program that provides mobile trailers or onsite containers that come preloaded with equipment and materials necessary to immediately contain and control releases in remote locations while outside responders are in route.

“Clean Harbors is the first company to offer a North America-wide Emergency Response Package Rental Program for remote drilling, pipeline and rail facilities,” said Scott Metzger, Clean Harbors senior vice president, emergency services. “We provide the equipment and take responsibility for inspecting and replenishing the units to ensure a constant state of readiness.”

Emergency Response Packages enable operators to quickly contain and control an initial release and recover lost material to minimize the environmental impact of a spill. This immediate response often reduces costs, while avoiding fines and minimizing future remediation requirements. The Emergency Response Package Rental Program is also designed to help companies meet regulations and, since Clean Harbors is responsible for Emergency Response Package provisioning, remain compliant as new regulations are released.

Emergency Response Packages include containment, storage, recovery and diversion equipment — pumps, hoses and hand tools, personal protective equipment, absorbent materials, and other critical response tools. Customers can add equipment and supplies, including vehicles and specialized tools to meet particular corporate standards or specific site requirements.

Emergency Response Packages are equipped with satellite tracking devices so both Clean Harbors and site operators can monitor and quickly locate units. The units can also be fitted with door alarms that send entry notifications. Containers can easily be repositioned and can serve multiple proximate locations.

In addition to handling logistics and maintenance of the packages Clean Harbors also can provide training and other logistical services as required.

“We expect this to be a tremendously popular service,” said Metzger. “It helps our customers efficiently provision remote locations with emergency response equipment, stay in compliance and quickly react to spills and accidental releases. When coupled with Clean Harbors’ North American Emergency Response services network, customers create a seamless response process that spans immediate containment through cleanup and remediation services.”

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Clean Harbors provides environmental, energy and industrial services throughout North America. Headquartered in Norwell, Mass., Clean Harbors has more than 200 locations, including more than 50 waste management facilities, throughout North America in 37 U.S. states, seven Canadian provinces, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

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