Landoll Corp. recently announced an upgrade to the optional wireless remote control that is available on all Landoll Traveling Axle and Traveling Tail trailers. Featuring a traveling axle system that travels forward and allows the tail to lower to the ground, the Traveling Axle and Traveling Tail trailers' tail will raise up to 24,000 pounds sitting in the middle of the tail.

The optional wireless remote control is designed to both increase driver productivity and improve overall safety. “In many cases the driver needs to operate the hydraulics at a safe distance,” says Jim Ladner, Landoll sales manager. “The remote allows the driver to work up to 300 feet around the trailer. The driver may feel safer standing back even a few feet while equipment is being loaded, or he can position himself in locations where he can see that the equipment is being loaded properly.”

The all-new Handheld Transmitter for the MACRO Series radios features a shock-resistant rubber case to protect the handheld from accidental damage. The transmitter comes in a sealed waterproof case with a working distance of up to 300 feet in all weather conditions. In addition, the system has been upgraded to rechargeable Lithium ion batteries operating for up to 35 hours of continuous run time. The batteries fully recharge in three hours with a standard micro USB charger.

Verified by Jim Ladner, Landoll sales manager.

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Vital Stats

Remote control continuous run time: 35 hours

Transmitter reach: 300 feet around the trailer