The new TS 500i Stihl Cutquik cut-off machine is designed with 17-percent more power and 15-percent more cutting speed than the TS 420. It features a low-emission engine that provides optimal torque throughout the rpm range and eliminates the need for a choke, simplifying the starting procedure. The X2 air filtration system maintains a 99.96-percent cleaning efficiency, the company says. The Stihlcomputer-mapped fuel injection system continuously determines fuel mixture, injected quantity, injection and ignition timing.


The new Bosch CM12 12-inch single bevel compound miter saw is the first one-handed portable miter saw in the 12-inch segment, the maker says. The CM12 features a strategically located side bevel lock lever for quick easy adjustment and integrated expanding material support for cutting versatility. The CM12’s cutting capacity allows remodelers, deck builders, carpenters and contractors to achieve accurate, efficient cuts at any angle. The new saw features nine adjustment miter detents and large miter and bevel scales with uniform markings, making them easy to read and providing users with a variety of angle options.

CS Unitec

CS Unitec’s new pneumatic circular saw is designed to dry cut steel plate up to 3/8-inch thick, as well as non-ferrous metal, plastic, grating, composite and corrugated materials. Portable and lightweight, the Model 5 1115 0020 metal cutting saw is designed for foundries, petrochemical, nuclear, marine, demolition and fabrication industries or other applications where pneumatic power is the norm. The 2-hp pneumatic motor operates at 90 psi using 60 cfm air volume and has a ½-inch female NPT air connection. This 9-inch circular saw has an overall cutting depth of 3 ¼ inches at 90 degrees and 2 1/8 inches at 45 degrees. The ultra-thin laser beam saw blade comes as standard equipment for use with the Model 5 1115 0020.


The TS 60 tile saw was developed with requests from tile contractors to be user-friendly and efficient. Husqvarna’s TS 60 is equipped with a patented Jet Stream Water Containment System that keeps water and slurry inside the water pan even while cutting. A stream of water is directed through a channel in the conveyor cart, cooling and lubricating the blade before it cuts the material and minimizing spray and slurry outside the frame of the saw. This design keeps the area surrounding the saw free of water spray. The 16-inch by 26-inch conveyor cart supports larger tile and allows diagonal cuts up to 20 inches and rip cuts up to 28 inches. An adjustable saw head adds the ability to make miter cuts of 22.5 and 45 degrees.


The EDCO 16-inch hand-held saw features technology that protects motors against overload, ensures smooth starts and provides added electrical safety. It cuts concrete, masonry, asphalt, stone and metal. Its maximum cutting depth is 6 inches and it has both an optional wheel kit and optional flush-cut accessory kit.

Wacker Neuson

Wacker Neuson’s newest line of cut-off saws is aimed at professional users looking for high performance output. The new BTS 630 and BTS 635S saws feature a new air filter concept engineered for long service life and less down time. The high-torque engine provides solid cutting performance, and the machines are easy to operate a start reliably. A three-stage air filter system includes a cyclonic filter, a foampre-filter and a paper filter. A special coating protects pistons and cylinders from accelerated wear. The BTS 630 weighs 24 pounds and has a 12-inch blade diameter with .08-inch arbor. The BTS 635S weighs 24.9 pounds and offers a soft-start option that includes a spring system that supports the starter mechanism and reduces the effort required to pull the starter rope.


The new Hilti DSH 700 and DSH 900 hand-held gas saws are designed from the ground up to incorporate features and requirements that rental professionals asked for – such as high power for fast cutting speed and an easy-to-remember starting procedure with simple controls. The new gas saw models are suited for rental applications including cutting wet/dry concrete and asphalt for small repair projects, expansion joints and curbs, brick and concrete block, as well as cutting small floor or wall openings. Standard features include a cyclone filtration system and simple rope replacement for easy maintenance and maximum durability.


The new 10-inch dual-slide compound miter saw, model LS1016L from Makita is engineered with Deep and eXact cutting technology (DXT). It is a 10-inch dual-slide compound miter saw with the crown cutting capacity of a 12-inch saw, and also has the accuracy of a 10-inch blade without the potential run-out of larger blades. The LS1016L combines large cutting capacity with a range of precision and ease-of-use features. Its direct-drive gearbox and guard system is engineered for increased vertical cutting capacity. It has a 6 5/8-inch crown molding cutting capacity and a retractable rear guard provides a 4 ¾-inch baseboard cutting capacity.