• Chippers/Shredders: Vermeer’s BC900XL

    Vermeer’s BC900XL can chip heavily branched material up to 9 inches in diameter, and is designed for line clearing and general cleanup needs. A 9-inch by 14-inch feed opening reduces the need to trim branched material before feeding it into the chipper; a 33-inch-diameter disc rotates at 1,400 rpm and features two steel chipper knives with two usable cutting edges each. Two shear bars have two usable edges each to help extend wear life. The patented SmartFeed system monitors engine rpm and automatically stops and reverses the single horizontal feed roller when feeding larger, hardwood material. The unit is equipped with safety features such as a long feed table design, bottom feed stop bar and a four-position feed control bar.

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  • Chippers/Shredders: Morbark Beever M15R

    The Beever M15R from Morbark features a 30-inch diameter drum and a four-knife drum that makes two cuts per revolution, enhancing knife life. Its bearing-style pivot system contours the radius of the drum to reduce dead space behind the feed wheel, reducing hydraulic down pressure load while increasing down pressure efficiency. The vortex-chambered air impeller system offers a separate airflow chamber to increase throwing velocity, adding more positive flow to leafy material to reduce plugging. The TorqMax dual-feed wheel compression system generates more than 6,600 foot-pounds of material pulling force, the maker says. Optional rear-mounted curbside controls allow the operator to control the machine from one location with complete view of in-feed and drum areas.

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  • Chippers/Shredders: Toro BC-25

    The BC-25 brush chipper is engineered with a gravity-feed system that includes a 23- by 20-inch feed opening, 6-inch capacity and two single-edge cutter blades. The Kohler Command Pro CH25 V-Twin engine with heavy-duty centrifugal clutch powers the 1,000-pound BC-25. For ongoing production, the BC-25 is designed with a patentpending mulching block to prevent jams and patent-pending replaceable cutter block, which allows operators to maintain close tolerance to the cutter blade.

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  • Chippers/Shredders: Diversified Products

    The single-man baskets from Diversified Products can attach to any knuckleboom that meets ASME standard B30.23. Specialized adapters facilitate installation. Able to hold up to 350 pounds, the full-sized floor is 30 inches wide by 30 inches deep, with slots for water drainage and upset holes for skid resistance. The basket includes a tilt angle indicator and disc brakes. The baskets are constructed from heavy-duty steel.

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  • Chippers/Shredders: Bandit’s ArborVAC Wood Chipper

    Bandit’s ArborVAC wood chipper is also a blower and compact processing machine that pulls in debris ranging from leaves to wood chips and stumpgrinding mulch. Available with gas engines from 14 to 27 hp, the unit is lightweight and easily towable. Equipped with a discharge tube, it can pull in and distribute mulch for specialty landscaping projects.

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  • Chippers/Shredders: MacKissic

    The Merry Commercial chipper-shredder model 12PHT by MacKissic has a 34-inch wheelbase for easy towing. The tool steel knife mounted on a balanced flywheel combines for total rotor weight of 40 pounds chewing limbs up to 3 inches at a rate of 10 feet or more per minute. Twenty-four reversible hammers pulverize lawn-and-garden debris to create mulch and compost. Four-position baffle discharge and centrifugal clutch facilitate no-load starting. The 12PHT is powered by Briggs & Stratton or Honda commercial engines.

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  • Floorcare: MiTM

    The MV-1300-0MEV 13-gallon wet/dry vacuum from Mi-T-M features a self-cooling, two-stage blower motor design. Exhaust air ducting reduces the possibility of motor contamination by dirt or moisture, and the electrical system is double protected. The unit has a filter efficiency of 99.5 percent to 1.0 micron, and a decibel rating of 51.2.

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  • Floorcare: General Equipment ProPolish

    General Equipment Designed for use with single- and dual-head, low-speed surface grinders, General Equipment Co.’s Pro Polish floor-polishing system is designed to produce highquality polished surfaces without the need for expensive and complex equipment. Typical applications include concrete, marble and any other surface that can be polished. The Pro Polish system utilizes a series of seven 10-inch diameter diamondpolishing pads, which are secured to the appropriate surface grinder using Velcro. Polishing pads range in composition from 50 to 3,000 grit and are color-coded to simplify the progression from one pad to the next.

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  • Floorcare: Nilfisk Advance

    Advance introduces the SC750 REV floor scrubber designed with enhanced cleaning performance, including a wide, 28-inch scrub path and fast scrubbing capabilities. The SC750 REV offers chemical-free floor-finish removal without hazardous chemicals and slippery floors, which allows users to reduce the number of labor hours during floor restoration by up to 90 percent. The machine features random orbital scrubbing technology, delivering dual-action scrubbing with a combination of high speed ¼-inch orbital micro-scrubbing and low-speed rotational macro-scrubbing.

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  • Floorcare: Clarke

    Walk-behind deep carpet cleaner The Clarke Clean Track L24 battery-powered, walk-behind carpet extractor features LIFT (low-moisture, indirect spray, fast dry time, true cleaning) technology, designed to achieve carpet dry times of 30 minutes or less. With enhanced, sustainable operation, low sound levels and onboard detergent dispensing, the Clean Track L24 is engineered to deliver a time-saving, deep clean, the maker says. Reader Service No. 159 • freeproductinfo.net/rerWalk-behind deep carpet cleaner The Clarke Clean Track L24 battery-powered, walk-behind carpet extractor features LIFT (low-moisture, indirect spray, fast dry time, true cleaning) technology, designed to achieve carpet dry times of 30 minutes or less. With enhanced, sustainable operation, low sound levels and onboard detergent dispensing, the Clean Track L24 is engineered to deliver a time-saving, deep clean, the maker says.

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  • Floorcare: EDCO TG-10

    EDCO 10-inch Turbo Grinders now come standard with leveling capability. This leveler is attached to the machine’s rear axle and ensures level grinding regardless the height of accessories being used. Level grinding is more productive, quicker and easier on the operator, the maker says. A Leveling Kit is also available for existing TG-10 grinders. EDCO’s 10-inch Turbo Grinders use a variety of accessories to remove high spots, uneven joints, epoxy, urethane and other difficult coverings from concrete surfaces.

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  • Floorcare: Husqvarna PG280

    The new PG280 SF is the latest in Husqvarna’s series of floor grinders. It is designed for surface preparation and grinding of concrete adhesive residue, paint and spackle. The PG 280 SF uses a high rpm level and a wide range of available grinding disks to improve efficiency and convenience. Design features include an ergonomic handlebar; low noise level; a dust guard and vacuum port for efficient dust suction; and a 3-hp, 1-phase motor.

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  • Floorcare: DITEQ Vortex Pads

    Diteq now offers the Vortex diamond flexible system for cleaning and maintaining polished terrazzo, polished marble, polished concrete, and plastic and vinyl floors. The Vortex diamond pad system can be used on conventional cleaning and maintenance equipment, including burnishers, swing machines, buffers, and auto scrubbers for maintaining and polishing floors. The Vortex pads are available in 17, 20, 21, and 27 inches, and are colorcoded for easy product identification.

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  • Floorcare: Essex Silver-Line

    Essex Silver-Line launches a new line of floor finishes. The Essex Buffable Wax Finish is an environmentally friendly buffable wax designed to restore and protect all types of resilient floors including linoleum, vinyl, rubber and tile. The Essex Hi Gloss Wax is a non-buffable high solid wax finish formulated to seal and protect resilient floors leaving a high-gloss sheen. Other finishes include the Essex Wax Stripper, Essex Natural Cleaner, Essex Wood Floor Cleaner and Essex Spray Buff.

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  • Scaffolding: WallWalker

    WallWalker eliminates the need for makeshift scaffold with the introduction of its patented hanging scaffold, designed to save workers time on the jobsite. With quick setup and easy adjustments, the WallWalker can be used for cutting tails, stick framing, setting trusses and fascia board installation. The WallWalker scaffold, which meets OSHA standards, is engineered with lightweight aluminum construction.

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  • Sacffolding: MTA Distributors

    MTA Distributors MTA Distributors introduces the All-Purpose Tower from MTA Scaffold to the rental industry. Interchangeable with the Biljax multi-purpose tower, the All-Purpose Tower rolls through a 30-inch doorway and has a 1,000-pound capacity. The tower is 6-feet tall, 6-feet long and 29 inches wide. It offers working heights from 2 to 6 feet.

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