Yanmar announces the availability of B20-compatible diesel engines across its product line. The company has a dedicated facility in Malaysia called the Yanmar Kota Kinabalu Research & Development Center, which is designed to bring biodiesel fuels to the forefront. YKRC conducts long-term engine durability tests with biodiesel fuels, monitors and supervises biodiesel projects in India and the United Kingdom, and continually analyzes the effectiveness of biodiesel fuel and bio-lubricants.
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Featuring easy starts and maximum durability, the Subaru EH36 OHV slant cylinder four-cycle engine is designed for a variety of construction, rental and agricultural equipment, such as generators, trenchers and tractors. The EH36 offers a maximum power output of 11.5 hp. It also meets EPA Phase 2 and CARB Tier-2 requirements. The cylinder and crankcase are designed as a single piece, making the EH36 compact and lightweight. With a weight of 68 pounds and a height of 17.32 inches, the EH36 can be installed with several equipment arrangements.
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Kubota Engine

The Kubota 07 Series has added the V2607-DI-Turbo 4-cylinder, direct-injected, liquid-cooled diesel engine, a new engine that follows the same engine design concept as the existing V3307-DI-Turbo. The displacement is 2.615 liters with a bore and stroke of 87 × 110 mm respectively. The gross output of this engine is rated at 66 hp at 2,700 rpm. It offers one-side maintenance with an optional large-capacity side PTO from a gear train located on the flywheel side designed for compact positioning of PTO hydraulic devices.
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Perkins Engines

Perkins introduces its Tier-4 Interim 1200 Series engines. At the top of the range is a 7-liter, 6-cylinder engine capable of 225 kW. This represents a 21-percent increase in power output over Perkins' current 5.5-liter offering, giving customers who may have chosen a larger engine previously the choice of the same power from a smaller engine package. The 1206E-E70TTA (pictured) has two turbochargers — one small, one large, mounted in a series. The smaller first-stage turbo accelerates quickly for good response and torque at low speeds; the larger second stage provides the high airflow required to provide class-leading power density.
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Wacker Neuson

Wacker Neuson offers its WM Series of 4-cycle engines, which feature advanced automotive technology with a chain-driven, overhead cam design for improved performance, longer life, easy starting, quiet operation and lower operating costs. Available in three models, the 4.3-hp WM 130, 5.8-hp WM 170 and the 9-hp WM 270 (pictured) are backed by a 2-year bumper-to-bumper warranty.
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Deutz introduces the compact engine 2010 series with power outputs up to 75 kW. These engines are turbocharged four-cylinder models with a displacement of 3.47 liters. Depending on the power and torque requirements, they are offered with or without charge air cooling. The version without charge air cooling can deliver a maximum power output of 64 kW and the unit with charge air cooling 74.9 kW. The engines operate with direct fuel injection and are provided with a mechanical governor as standard equipment. An electronic engine governor is also available as an option.
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Lifan Power USA

Lifan Power USA now offers a complete selection of horizontal shaft engines ranging from 4 to 15 hp with the introduction of its new Generation 3 design. All engines are available with the most popular shaft style and dimensions, plus the company offers 6:1 and 2:1 gear reduction models for high torque applications.
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Fiat Powertrain Technologies

The F32 engine from Fiat Powertrain Technologies' F Series engines is designed for a wide range of applications including construction equipment, power generation and other stationary applications. Lightweight and fuel efficient, the engine is sized for small mobile equipment. The F Series engines are designed to specifically address off-road and stationary applications. Available in 74, 82 and 87 hp, rated at 2,500 rpm, the engines have a 4-cylinder in-line structure with 3.2 liters of total displacement.
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Hatz Diesel of America

The Hatz 1B50 10.3-hp diesel engine has a compact design that is engineered for quiet operation. The 1B50 offers one-hand cold starting, and multiple PTO shafts and accessories that can drive many different types of equipment.
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Honda introduces a new generation of its V-Twin general purpose engine. Featuring six all-new models, the V-Twin engine line is designed to offer customers more power, versatility and greater fuel economy in a compact package. The new GX630, GX660, GX690, GXV630, GXV660 and GXV690 (pictured) are available in both horizontal and vertical shaft configurations for a greater range of utility covering a wide range of commercial, rental and turf applications. Fuel consumption in the new V-Twin is reduced to the levels similar to fuel-injected model engines of the same size.
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Briggs & Stratton

Briggs & Stratton offers the gasoline-powered electronic fuel injection (EFI) model engine, which is an extension of the company's Vanguard 3/LC three-cylinder, liquid-cooled commercial engine line. The EFI system automatically adjusts engine settings in real time for quick, no-choke cold starts, and to compensate for altitude and environmental variables. The engine is rated at 34 gross hp and an advanced 32-bit engine control unit provides responsive performance with enhanced driveability, the maker says. On-board diagnostics built into the unit are designed to provide accurate troubleshooting for reduced equipment downtime.
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The new C7 ACERT and C9 ACERT (pictured) Industrial Open Power Units for industrial applications allow customers to order pre-configured power packs. These fuel-efficient units are ready made for a wide variety of applications including irrigation, industrial and mining pump applications. The IOPU units are a complete power package containing the radiator, flywheel, alternator and alternator wiring pre-assembled for fast, straightforward installation. Available in multiple engine ratings, other options on the IOPU include auxiliary crank pulleys, battery cables, bases and clutches.
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Kohler introduces its new line of horizontal-shaft Command PRO engines, which includes three models — 7, 9.5 and 14 hp. These engines feature Quad-Clean, a four-stage, heavy-duty cyclonic air filter that comes standard, making them well suited for harsh weather and working conditions. Quad-Clean technology is designed to keep the engine free of debris, which minimizes maintenance and cleaning efforts. With one turn of the air cleaner on the Command PRO, the engine is able to recycle the heat from the muffler, all within 15 seconds and without requiring any tools or kits to buy.
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