The Hot-Shot 400 pipe-thawing machine from General Pipe Cleaners is designed to thaw frozen pipes in minutes, and it eliminates the need to tear up floors, break through walls or dig around pipes in frozen ground.

The Hot-Shot 400 has a dual-level output, and with 400 amps of thawing power, it can clear frozen lines up to 175 feet long in 1 ½-diameter lines. If an end user is stuck on a job with only a 15-amp breaker, he or she can switch the Hot-Shot down to 320 amps and pull just 14 amps.

“Poorly insulated homes and trailers will suffer frozen pipes when an arctic blast arrives,” says Marty Silverman, vice president of marketing for General Pipe Cleaners. “Homeowners can either try to find an expensive plumber, or rent a pipe-thawing machine from you. The Hot-Shot is easy and safe to use. Just attach the clamps to either side of a frozen section of pipe, plug the machine in, and turn it on. The Hot-Shot does the rest.”

The Hot-Shot 400 plugs into any convenient 115-volt receptacle, weighs only 30 pounds, is compact and mounted in a heavy-gauge steel case, and carries a two-year warranty.