Wilson Marsh Equipment introduces the Marsh Buggy, a machine designed to get workers and machines into swampy soft terrain to perform work on pipelines, do oil exploration, dredging, fiber optics, highway construction, land reclamation, levee construction, swamp logging, high-line construction, mosquito control, forestry, disaster rescue and more. Using very low ground pressure and exhibiting amphibious capabilities and high torque to carry heavy payloads, the Marsh Buggy can perform work on jobsites with fragile ecosystems.

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The new D03CJ (pictured), D04CJ and D04EG small diesel engines from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries provide Tier 4 regulation-compliant solutions in the 19kW to 74 kW output range. Featuring a three-cylinder design, the D03CJ produces a maximum output of 41 kW and a maximum torque of 165 Newton meters at 1,800 rpm. The four-cylinder equivalent, the D04CJ, produces a maximum output of 55 kW and a maximum torque of 230 Newton meters at 1,800 rpm.

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Atlas Copco introduces its new high-performance hydraulic breaker, the SB 702, designed for a wide range of gardening, landscaping, construction and demolition jobs. A unique feature of the SB 702 is its solid body, a feature that no other breaker in the 700 kg class has, its maker says. The one-piece housing construction makes the SB 702 compact and easy to handle. The SB 702 works with a wide oil flow range and can therefore be installed on a broad variety of carriers.

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Sokkia Corp. announces a redefinition of robotics with its SX series of total stations, a compact, lightweight system. The SX's high-accuracy robotic technology includes an advanced angle measurement system, RED-tech technology, reflectorless EDM, Bluetooth Class 1 long-range data communication, and an auto-tracking system with the RC-PR5 remote control system. Combined with MAGNET field application software and TSshield, a telematics-based communications module with cellular technology and GPS for positioning, the SX offers advanced laser and image processing technologies.

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The new Harley D4 Power Box Rake by Paladin Attachments teams with compact tool carriers to deliver leveling, aeration and preparation of soil for seeding. The D4 Power Box Rake is 22-percent lighter than previous models to provide better balance and optimum maneuverability without compromising strength. It features a new hex drive system and direct drive motor that has been completely embedded into the rotating drum, protecting it fully from ground debris and allowing for improved performance and reliability with fewer components.

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Building on the tandem disc harrow technology from its parent company, Landoll Corp., ICON Industries introduces the new Model 6510 Construction Disc, designed to handle rigorous demands of construction sites and land-clearing applications. The 6510 offers a 719-pound weight-per-blade ratio, equipped to cut through compacted soils and heavy vegetation mats. The Construction Disc weighs 11,500 pounds, has 32-inch by 10-mm notched disc blades, and provides up to 15 inches maximum penetration depth to cut, level and mix the soil across its full 10-foot, 9-inch working width.

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The Clarke Clean Track L24 battery-powered, walk-behind carpet extractor features LIFT (low-moisture, indirect spray, fast dry time, true cleaning) technology, designed to achieve carpet dry times of 30 minutes or less. With enhanced, sustainable operation, low sound levels and onboard detergent dispensing, the Clean Track L24 is engineered to deliver a time-saving, deep clean, the maker says.

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