Air compressor manufacturer Sullair has made available its factory authorized remanufacturing capability on a nationwide basis. Unlike refurbishing programs that repair or replace selected parts, the Sullair Reman program provides a replacement for Sullair 1600H AF and 900/1150X portable air compressors with a fully remanufactured Sullair air compressor that features the same factory warranty as a new unit.

Once an exchange takes place, Sullair fully disassembles the used air compressor core and inspects, cleans and services all of its components. Only genuine OEM parts are used in the process. Extensive testing is conducted to ensure that the remanufactured unit meets the original specifications.

Sullair initiated the program on a limited basis late last year with the 1600H AF portable compressor. The program is being rolled out on a nationwide basis and has expanded to include the 900/1150X HH portable air compressor.

“The early customers that have taken advantage of the Reman program describe it as a win-win, because not only do they end up with a like-new air compressor and a same-as-new warranty, but they receive it quickly, which minimizes disruption to their work schedules,” said Rebecca O’Mara, senior director of business development for Sullair. “The program has been so successful that we’re now able to offer Reman on a nationwide basis.”

Sullair is based in Michigan City, Ind.