Doskocil Industries introduces the Dosko 270, a fast, easy-to-use, portable, one-man mini stump grinder. Most suitable for jobs that don't require the size and power of a larger stump grinder, this product provides performance, reliability and ease of use.

It is compact and adjustable with folding handlebars and loads into trucks, SUVs and car trunks. “It's one of the few machines that weighs less than 200 pounds,” says David Doskocil, owner/president. “With the folding handlebars and its lightweight design, it can fit into a vehicle and thus does not require the use of a trailer.”

The frame and handlebar design is manufactured with the same heavy plate construction as the larger Dosko models and is backed by a two-year limited warranty. The cutter wheel is designed to use six teeth and cuts hard stumps faster and with less operator fatigue than stump graders using eight, 12 or more teeth. The replacement cost of a complete set of teeth on the 270 is less than $25. The teeth can be resharpened several times over.
RS # 140

Weight: 185 pounds
Engine: 9-horsepower Honda or 8.5-horsepower Kohler
Design feature: Folding handlebars