Bobcat has recently incorporated technological advancements to improve its compact equipment. The new K-Series skid-steer loaders, (S130 to S300), compact track loaders (T140 to T300), and the A300 all-wheel steer loaders feature the SmartFan cooling system. The hydraulically driven cooling fan senses machine operating temperatures and then self-regulates to rotate only as fast as it needs to. The temperature-controlled, variable-speed fan optimizes the cooling needs of the loader and can be up to 30 percent quieter in some operating conditions.

“The Bobcat SmartFAN cooling system operates only when necessary, working more efficiently and reducing the noise emitted by the machine,” says Greg Rostberg, Bobcat marketing manager. “A quieter compact loader reduces operator noise fatigue, allows for better communication with others outside the cab, and enables contractors to work longer days by complying with city noise ordinances.”

The K-Series loaders continue to feature the Bobcat dual-path cooling system, which brings in cool, clean air from above through the oil cooler and radiator and pulls hot air from the engine and hydrostatic area exiting out two side vents. This design reduces dirt and debris restrictions in the cooling system and minimizes debris in the engine compartment.

K-Series large-frame vertical lift path loaders also received an extra 2 inches of lift so that operators will be able to load and unload materials from trucks more easily. The K-Series large-frame loaders with vertical lift path include the S250, S300, T300 and A300.

Verified by Greg Rostberg, Bobcat marketing manager.
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Drive chains: 38 percent stronger on large-frame loaders
Lift height: Additional 2 inches on vertical lift path loaders