RedMax introduces the GZ4000, the first chain saw powered by the company's Strato-Charged engine. This engine introduces fresh air into the engine between the exhaust gases and the fresh charge of air/fuel mix. This reduces exhaust emissions without the added bulk of a catalytic muffler. The engine uses less fuel than conventional RedMax engines. This saw meets 2005 EPA and CARB standards without the need for a heavy catalytic muffler. The 40.1 cc engine, rated at 2.45 hp, has a maximum speed of 13,000 rpm.

The saw is equipped with RedMax's dust-free system, which prevents sawdust and debris from clogging the engine intake and overheating the engine. Operators have a choice of 14-, 16- or 18-inch bar. The chain saw weighs 9.67 pounds and is light enough for comfortable operation in almost any position.

“The Strato-Charged GZ4000 is the only chain saw that complies with the 2005 emission regulations with no catalytic converter,” says Tommy Tanaka, marketing manager for RedMax. “The other manufacturers' chain saws use catalytic converters, which must generate very high-temperature exhaust gas for the catalyst to work efficiently. This very hot exhaust can cause fires, burn the operator, melt parts of the machine and make the engine overheat. The Strato-Charged engine does not have these problems.”

Verified by Tommy Tanaka, marketing manager for RedMax.

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Engine: 2.45 hp
Weight: 9.67 pounds
Maximum speed: 13,000 rpm