Finland-based international rental firm Cramo has adopted a brand name to its growing modular space rental segment – Cramo Adapteo.

The demand for Cramo’s modular space solutions in the Nordic and Baltic countries has increased the past few years, especially in the public sector. Cramo’s fleet features 15,300 modular space units. The units are utilized as temporary facilities for offices, schools and healthcare facilities, among other uses, when extra space is required or during renovations.

“In people’s minds, Cramo is associated, above all, with the construction industry, but the customers of our modular space solutions are more and more in the public sector and real estate,” said Petri Moksen, head of Cramo Adapteo. “With the Cramo Adapteo sub-brand, we want to further increase the prominence of our company in real estate and in the public sector.”

The name Adapteo is derived from the Latin words “ad”, meaning to or towards, and “apto”, meaning to adjust or prepare. The message behind the name is that Cramo’s modular space solutions adapt to the needs of users. The name will be introduced in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Cramo is headquartered in Vantaa, near Helsinki, Finland, and has operations in 15 countries.