Aggreko, the world leader in the provision of temporary power and temperature control solutions, will supply a 10-MW interim power solution to the Moma Mineral Sands mine in the northeast of Mozambique, owned and operated by Ireland’s Kenmare Resources. Synchronized with the local electricity grid, the Aggreko plant will provide the Moma facility with flexible power to supplement grid supplies during periods of peak demand.

Services will include providing full prime power, 24/7 during peak summer months and peaking power during evening hours when demands on the grid are at their highest because of increased domestic consumption. The solution ensures that operations at Moma can continue to be powered from the local grid, yet can also operate 100-percent independently when the need arises.

“We chose to work with Aggreko based on their strong reputation in powering African mining operations,” said Michael Carvill, managing director of Kenmare Resources. “By combining a stand-alone Aggreko plant with our supply from the local grid, we are ensuring a continuous power supply to the Moma facility. This gives us sufficient power to run our operations and ensure minimal disruption caused by unstable grid supply, particularly during the summer months.”

“Aggreko has significant experience in powering mining operations across the globe,” said James Shepherd, managing director of Aggreko Southern and East Africa. “Here in Mozambique we are helping Kenmare Resources to maintain their production by providing them a highly reliable power supply to supplement the local grid.”

Aggreko provides mission critical power supplies to mining projects throughout the world, through the supply of full-lifecycle project power from initial project construction and development, to full production and project ramp-down.

Aggreko is based in Scotland, with North American headquarters in Houston. Aggreko is No. 6 on the RER 100.