Volvo Construction Equipment held an Innovation Forum Aug. 27 for a select group of international press members, including RER, designed to highlight Volvo’s culture of creativity, invention and technological advancement. The event featured a unique look at Volvo’s research and development processes and potential technologies of the future.

The Forum, held at Volvo CE facilities in Eskilstuna, Sweden, looked at the role innovation plays in drivelines; emerging market engineering; design; the company’s core values of quality, safety and care for the environment; Tier 4 Final/Stage IV compliant engines and future technology.

“Innovation is in our blood at Volvo CE,” said Anders Larsson, executive vice president of technology at Volvo CE. “It’s infused into every part of our design, development and sales and marketing processes. The event provided us with the opportunity to explain our newest innovations to journalists, including our range of Tier 4f/Stage IV engines and new concepts.”

Larsson added that innovation doesn’t always mean greater complexity, but also includes making machine maintenance simpler for customers. Larsson explained the company’s plan which includes goals such as zero unplanned stops (breakdowns); zero accidents; intelligent machines; 10-times-higher efficiency; zero emissions and total business solutions.

Volvo CE, which has had an international commitment to the environment going back to its founding in the 1930s, demonstrated its ongoing research into alternative fuels such as methanol/ethanol; hydrogen and biogas; synthetic diesel; biogas; biodiesel and BME. Potential future technologies include continuously variable transmission, a possible next step in transmission technology, as well as electric hybrids. Volvo also offered explanations of its Tier 4 final technologies offering new engine platforms and exhaust after-treatment systems, engine-management systems, and machine installations.

RER will present more in-depth information about Volvo’s Innovation Forum in an upcoming issue.