Holt Cat, San Antonio-based Caterpillar equipment and engine dealer for much of south, central, north and northeast Texas, recently named Corinna Holt Richter vice president, machine division product support sales, and Peter John Holt vice president power systems division and commercial engine sales. Holt Richter and Holt are daughter and son of Peter M. Holt, owner of Holt Cat and fifth generation members of the Holt family that founded Caterpillar.

Holt Richter will lead a planned expansion of the company’s product support sales group to drive sales in the parts and services division for continued market share growth. She has been with the company since 2011 and has spent the past two years as product support manager in the company’s machine division.

Peter John Holt will work to identify growth opportunities for diesel and natural gas engines and generator sets for electrical power generation, petroleum and other applications. He previously served as general service manager in the machine division.

A key focus for Richter and Holt will be to ensure the company’s current $80 million capital investment program and customer service initiatives are successful and have a long lasting impact. Richter and Holt, the daughter and son of Holt Cat CEO, Peter M. Holt, are fifth generation Holt family members working toward future stewardship of the business. The Holts are descendants of Benjamin Holt, who, in 1904, developed the first successful track-type tractor, which he named the “Caterpillar.”