Empire Southwest recently broke ground on a major new service facility at its Mesa, Ariz., location. The new building will house Empire’s Component Rebuild Center shop and a significant portion of Empire’s product support operation. More than 50 new service and support employees will be added when the facility opens in 2014, and company officials project that up to 175 additional employees may be needed there within six years.

The building will be constructed just west of Empire’s existing parts warehouse in an area currently used for employee parking. CRC engine and power train component shops will occupy a combined space of nearly 90,000 square feet, including 82 service bays, three dynamometers, a paint shop and employee break and locker rooms. A two-story, 25,000-square-foot office complex will house the Empire Fluids Lab and 10 key service and support teams.

“This is an important new chapter in the 60-plus-year history of Empire Southwest,” said Empire president and CEO Jeff Whiteman. “This significant investment will enable Empire to continue to provide excellent career opportunities for our product support team while providing world-class support and solutions to our clients.”

Headquartered in Apache Junction, Ariz., Empire Machinery is No. 46 on the new RER 100.