Subaru semi-trash pumps are made with a heavy-duty overhead-cam gasoline engine, and a large volute discharge opening. The 2-inch PKX201ST is powered by the Subaru EX13, a 4.5-hp engine, and provides a delivery volume of 153 gpm. The 3-inch PKX301ST provides a delivery volume of 246 gpm and is powered by the EX17, a 6-hp engine. A hardened cast-iron volute withstands suspended particles and small solids sucked through the strainer. The silicon-carbide seal increases the durability of the self-lubricating mechanical seal. Other standard features include a toolkit, hose band and three-year warranty. The semi-trash pumps offer a low-tone muffler and a sound-suppressing air cleaner. The pumps also feature a U.S. Forest Service-approved spark arrestor. A heavy-duty steel roll cage wraps around the entire pump.