Every month, dozens of new products are introduced by manufacturers serving the rental industry. Here is a look at some of the latest offerings.

Case Construction Equipment announces the availability of its Smart Digging Systems components, including new pin-on buckets, coupler buckets, the Case Multi-Fit Coupler and the SmartFit bucket teeth system, designed to expand the versatility and productivity of Case excavators.

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NuStar introduces the new and improved Super Power Pusher pedestrian-operated, battery-powered pusher. It is designed to push, pull and maneuver heavy industrial loads on wheels and uses its own modular range of attachments for handling rolling loads up to 150,000 pounds, or those with high rolling resistance.

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ECHO Bear Cat adds the new 27-ton log splitter to its line of outdoor power equipment. The LS27 offers a range of options and kits to custom design machines to fit a variety of needs. It features the Subaru 211cc OHC horizontal engine and was designed for ease of operation. The L27 can be used in the horizontal or vertical positions, giving the operator dual application options.

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Honda Power Equipment introduces the HS1336i snowblower, the first Honda hybrid snowblower design available for the U.S. market. It combines a gasoline engine that simultaneously drives the snowblower auger/fan apparatus and charges the battery, with the electric motors controlling the track drive forward propulsion. It has a Honda iGX390 four-stroke engine for lower emissions and fuel consumption.

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MSA's new Workman self-retracting lanyard offers lightweight, durable thermoplastic housing for years of dependable service. The RFID-enabled product simplifies product tracking and inspection. In addition, an integral, ergonomic carrying handle eases transport and installation, and its 400-pound working capacity increases versatility.

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The compact, JM-1450 electric jet from General Pipe Cleaners uses high-pressure water to clear drain lines clogged with grease, sand, sludge and ice. Thrust pulls the hose down the line; pressure cuts through tough grease stoppages; and water flow flushes it away for wall-to-wall cleaning action. The JM-1450 is powered by a 1 ½-hp sealed motor with GFCI that drives a 1,500-psi, 1.7-gpm triplex pump.

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The Aerial Tool Bin for aerial platforms, scissors and boomlifts is designed to keep hand tools and supplies organized and within a worker's reach. Developed by DeMore's Innovative Design, the portable, triangular-shaped organizer attaches to square or rounded 90-degree corners of platform railings where it is secured with two OSHA-compliant locking bolts.

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Larson Electronics' Magnalight adds a heavy-duty light tower designed for harsh operating conditions. The industrial-grade tower provides illumination for up to 6,400 square feet and can be broken down and transported. The WAL-QP-2X500-25 work area floodlight is equipped with two, 500-watt quartz light heads and produces a 17,500 lumen light beam with a wide flood pattern. The light heads are independently adjustable.

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