The E80 excavator from Bobcat offers a new design that is intended to keep operators working longer, which includes the elimination of daily service points; a spacious cab and top-of-the-line seat; and polymer shims to decrease wear on the lateral pins. According to the company, operators no longer need to spend 30 minutes with daily greasing of the bushings at the boom, arm and bucket pivot, but can spend that time working instead because the E80 has increased the service interval of greasing the bushings to 250 hours.

The top-of-the-line seat allows the operator to create an individually designed ergonomic work environment. The operator can adjust the seat in six different ways, and with these adjustments operators of any size can adjust the seat to their personal preference. The adjustments also let the operator move the seat to an area where he or she can best control the foot pedals and see the work area.

The excavator features a 54.2-hp engine, along with auto-idle and electronic engine rpm control to help use fuel efficiently. The E80 has a dig depth of 15 feet, 6 inches, and an operating weight of 18,880 pounds with rubber tracks.

“The engine control system has an auto-idle feature reducing fuel consumption when the excavator is not working,” says Greg Rostberg, marketing manager for Bobcat. “The quiet operation of the engine is also a benefit, as many cities and work areas are becoming more sensitive to construction noise. These features help rental customers meet noise restrictions on jobsites and make communication among team members easier, while saving money on fuel at the same time.”

Verified by Greg Rostberg, marketing manager for Bobcat.
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Vital Stats

Engine power: 54.2 hp

Service interval: 250 hours

Digging depth: 15 feet, 6 inches