Bobcat Co. recently upgraded its 700 and 800 frame-size skid-steer, compact-track and all-wheel steer loaders to incorporate greater machine performance through enhancements such as increased breakout and lift forces, better horsepower management, shorter cycle times and simplified display navigation.

Upgraded loader features apply interim Tier 4 technologies to provide enhanced loader functionality and reporting for machines with horsepower ranging from 75 to 174. These iT4 upgrades result in faster engine rpm recovery as the engine transitions between torque and horsepower demands, providing operators with shorter cycle times and improved productivity for attachment tasks.

Bobcat 800 frame-size loaders have been equipped with increased hydraulic pressures and breakout and lift forces, resulting in shortened digging cycles. The increased lift and tilt forces on the S850 and T870 are engineered to improve machine efficiency in lifting pallets, concrete pieces and wet clay or dirt, and rolling them back to the carry position with less machine effort. For example, the iT4-equipped T870 will have nearly 17-percent more lift breakout force than the Tier 3 model.

“Bobcat M-Series loaders benefit rental store owners and rental customers alike, with improved performance and uptime protection,” says Mike Fitzgerald, loader product specialist for Bobcat Co. “Bobcat M-Series skid-steer loaders and compact track loaders have increased auxiliary hydraulic flow and pressure, providing better attachment productivity. The M-Series loader cooling system capacity has increased by up to 12 percent for better cooling capabilities, which leads to longer machine life and better performance in hot temperatures.”

Vital Stats
Lift breakout force: improved 17 percent on Tier 4i-equipped T870
Cooling system capacity increase: up to 12 percent
Display screen: 5-inch, full-color LCD

Verified by Mike Fitzgerald, loader product specialist for Bobcat Co.