Gary Stansberry

Founder and president,
The Stansberry Firm

Gary Stansberry is president of The Stansberry Firm LLC and specializes in business sales, fair market business valuations, operational consulting and positioning businesses to increase their value.

What Is Your Internal Image? 11
How management and ownership can create a "we" mentality in a rental business.
What Is Your Rental Identity?  6
Most successful rental companies have a clear sense of what kind of company they want to be.
Measure, Manage, Improve: Winning Against the "Goliaths" 
For a smaller rental company to succeed, it needs to look at key measurements and aggressively manage its performance.
Maximizing Profits from Your Rental Fleet  148

Imagine if you were able to turn the cost and investment structure of your business back 20 years to 1993. Gasoline was $1.16 per gallon. The Dow Jones Index was 3,650. Movie tickets were $4 each. The SUV craze was sweeping America and you could buy a brand new Chevy Blazer or Ford Explorer for about $16,500.

Time to Expand (or Sell)? 13
It's amazing the difference a year or two will make. In 2009, I was fielding calls regarding downsizing; laying off employees, selling fleet, closing
Managing Your Rental Business for Recovery 2
There is a saying that a rising tide lifts all boats. Certainly the falling tide of the last few years left a number of rental companies financially stranded.
Think Like a National, Act Like a Local
In talking recently with independent rental store owners around the country, all seem to agree that the last 12 to 24 months have been the most challenging
Put On Your Work Clothes 1
Henry Kaiser was a great American industrialist of the early 20th century, amassing a fortune of more than $2 billion dollars before his death in 1967.
Manage Your Capital 28
With the first quarter of 2008 behind us, rental industry revenue results appear mixed. The most optimistic rental operators are predicting limited growth
Know Where You Stand
If you decided to sell your rental business today, would you know where your company stands financially? Are your financial records in order and up-to-date?
Mirror, Mirror On The Wall
Rental store owners and managers tend to be a rugged breed. Let's face it, the equipment rental business is a business of dirt, grease and diesel. Your
Rental Lessons Lived and Learned
At Hageman, Stansberry & Associates, our primary business is selling rental companies. When selling a business, you have to know everything about it:
The Do's & Don'ts of Depreciation  1
As a mergers and acquisitions specialist and consultant exclusively devoted to the rental industry, I am no longer involved in the practice of accounting,
Work On, Not Just In
My partner, Fred Hageman, and I have a saying: You're either going forward or you're going backward, you never stay the same. We see this with many independent
The 5 Keys to Rate Control 1
Low rental rates are probably the most important issue facing the rental industry today. My partner, Fred Hageman, and I spend a lot of time in the field
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